Lockdown Processed Food

Disclaimer, this is an opinion. Double disclaimer, this isn't a short term solution to combat the COVID.

The Way Forward Part 1

You can't believe that. It offends me. Leave it to the experts. Clearly you are a science denier.

Go Play In The Dirt

"My advice to all of you is to go outside. Get some sun. Go sit in the grass, swim in the ocean, give your immune system some exposure.


Work is unnecessary now. We all get money from our government. We only have to follow the rules and we get our money.

It's Time To Start A Garden

"It's time to take this seriously. For years those who give a fuck about sustainability have been preaching for food security.

Herd Immunity is The Move

As much as it's scary to think about it, it's time we go face this virus. In hindsight, it's looking like social distancing has done more...

Hypocrites, Hypocrites Everywhere

It's easy to see why this is happening. The way we look at politics, the division of left vs.right, is utterly inefficient and damaging.

Let The Revolution Begin

The hard truth is the world we were led to believe was ours was not. It belonged to a group of rich assholes..

A Post-Coronavirus World

Hindsight is 20/20 but it really appears quite evident that we were taken advantage of.

On Secret Societies. 

Do secret societies exist? I mean, almost certainly. There's probably thousands of them around the globe. And I'm sure some very...