The Health and Swell Diet

Let's do this. So I realized we never spoke about protein. The reason for that is well, there's not much to talk about. Basically, you are eating too much of it that's for sure. The supplement companies fooled us into thinking we need tons of protein to gain muscle. That's just not true. We need only .4-.6 grams of protein per pound of body weight. And for longevity purposes less is probably better. As for where we get our protein from, ideally you want to get it from pasture

The Health and Swell Diet Part 2: All The Fats

For years we have been lied to. It was once common belief that dietary fat was the root cause of chronic illness. That heart disease, diabetes, cancer all had excess fat consumption to blame. But today, we know different. Studies have come out revealing the truth about dietary fat. And it is mind blowing stuff. Fat, as long as it isn't a hydrogenated oil or of the trans variety, is the majority (at least calorie wise) of what you should be eating. And that is the next biggest