The Health and Swell Diet

Let's do this. So I realized we never spoke about protein. The reason for that is well, there's not much to talk about. Basically, you are eating too much of it that's for sure. The supplement companies fooled us into thinking we need tons of protein to gain muscle. That's just not true. We need only .4-.6 grams of protein per pound of body weight. And for longevity purposes less is probably better. As for where we get our protein from, ideally you want to get it from pasture

The Health And Swell Diet Part 3: Eat Mostly Plants

If fats are going to be where most of your calories come from, plants are going to be where the volume is at. You need to fill up your plates mostly with plants. The truth is we have been eating plants forever. It was much easier for our ancestors to forage for plants than it was to kill an animal. A big problem with the #keto craze or worse the #carnivore diet is that it neglects plants. I mean there are many keto advocates who insist that too much vegetables is bad for you.

Keto Vs. Vegan: Which Diet is Healthier

There seems to be a war raging between vegans and low carb/keto folks. I suppose it makes sense. The keto community are fine with animal fat while the vegans obviously aren't. And vegans, at least the ones I know , eat tons of grains. So when a super popular diet contradicts your way of eating, of course you are going to fight back. There is a deeper meaning here though. In general, we hate being wrong. Even though we are more often wrong than right, the thought of doing some

Eat Carbs to Shred Body Fat?

The #keto craze is real. And for someone like me who went strict keto for months, the diet's jump into the main stream has been an experience let me tell you. But keto is just the beginning. The current trend amongst us health nerds is #longevity. And the truth is, constantly being in ketosis is just a silly thing to think about. Imagine it this way. When our ancestors couldn't find meat, and only had plants to chow down on, do you think they refused to eat them in fear of be

Jillian Michaels is Right About The Keto Diet

If you haven't seen this video yet, check it out fam. Jillian Michaels, that trainer we all hated on The Biggest Loser, has been getting shat on in the low carb community for her criticism of the keto diet. But the truth is that Jillian is actually right, the keto diet is dangerous, for her career. Keto is all the rage these days and it has become abundantly clear to me and many others enamoured with nutrition science that a high fat diet is beneficial in so many ways. But Ji