Self-Help: Total Bullshit

This is something I thought about this morning. I fall victim to this too. And even though I write this blog to truly motivate you, there is definitely a huge problem with all the self-help gurus out there. It's not that their messages are bad. Nor is it that they are trying to deceive us. The issue lies in our reliance on them. We listen to what Gary Vaynerchuk or Mel Robbins have to offer and for a moment we get inspired. But then reality sets in, and we revert back to old

Get The Fuck Out Of Bed

This one isn't sugar coated. The majority of people are failing in life because they have no sense of responsibility or purpose. Their alarm clock goes off and they slam that snooze button. They do this for a few reasons. There is the responsibility thing for sure. Your bed is void of any judgement, it's warm af, and there is this sense of security one feels when snuggled up under their blanket. I am not going to lie to you, hitting that snooze button feels great. But it is d