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1917 Review

For the next few weeks I'm going to be reviewing films I go see on Tuesdays (film tickets are discounted on Tuesdays). Yesterday, I went to see 1917.. Before we begin of course, spoiler alert. I don't plan on going too much in depth. Because you need to see the film. It's that good. I left the theatre totally mesmerized. Of course this is recency bias. But 1917 might be the best film ever made. Again, it's that good. The film is set during World War 1 on the French battle grounds. Two Corporals are tasked with delivering a message to Colonel MxKenzie to stop a planned attack. The film centres on the two corporals' journey to deliver the message. Cinematographer Roger Deakins really shines in this film. The camera tracks the two soldiers in sequence as they traverse the trenches and fields. You see the complete and utter chaos. The grandiosity of the war dwarfs the relationship of the two men. This makes the experience of the film all the more real. You feel both the intensity of the surrounding war and of the emotions evoked by the two men. That's really what makes 1917 so special. It somehow tells an intimate story while still capturing the severity and sheer abundance of the war. I don't want to overhype or spoil the film so please go see it. Not since Saving Private Ryan has a war film hit so hard. 1917 is my current favourite to come home with the Oscar for Best picture. Once more for the people in the back. Yes,it's that good. #film #oscars #popculture

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