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Hello, if you are reading this I hope you are enjoying yourself in a world I.never got to know. My grandfather used to tell me how it used to be. Seems like a very dangerous time. I am writing this on December 31, 2055. And I am here to tell you that there is nothing to worry about. Although there will be a new normal after this crisis, it will be for the best. Your way of doing things was never sustainable and how we do it now is definitely better. Let me tell you your future.

In 2055, nobody is hungry and poverty doesn't exist. All of our food is provided to us via monthly packages from Amazon. And all the food is produced in a lab. That's right, we don't need agriculture anymore. My grandfather told me that the farmers were all forced to kill their animals during the Coronavirus crisis. And when this was raised as a concern, the governments decided to revolutionize the agriculture industry. And billionaires like Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates, science bless them, had a solution. Because all of the bees were murdered by murder hornets, they even came up with robotic bees to pollinate. Just incredible. We also eat a lot of insects. They are so nutritious and our labs can farm billions of crickets for our consumption. We don't need to eat other Animals anymore. My grandfather told me farmers did try to stop this but were sent away and "taken care of." Serves them right for denying science. Religion, btw, has been abolished. We all serve science now. Also, we have no gender anymore. The thought that humans used to classify themswlves based on gender or biological sex is ridiculous. We don't even procreate or fornicate anymore. Too much pleasure limits obedience. And as you know, obedience is the only currency you need.

Work is unnecessary now. We all get money from our government. We only have to follow the rules and we get our money. I don't understand what is so difficult about this. People have protested the global surveillance system as if privacy is a right. How dare they! Putting us all at risk. Imagine if they got a virus and infected us with something. We need to be under constant surveillance to protect us. Thank science for the government. I guess you can say that we live in an utopia now. We never have to worry about climate change anymore. When Bill Gates discovered technology that allowed us to block out the sun, that was the biggest gamechanger. Wouldn't you love not having to deal with a changing climate. Don't worry, technology and science will save you from this soon enough. It's best you accept the incredible change that awaits you. Forget your ideas of freedom. How privileged of you. Freedom was never a human right. We all need to stick together and never leave anyone behind. And you wanting to walk outside at anytime (we are now civilized enough to only go outside for 10 minutes a day) is just selfishness. How dare you! But you will learn soon, just don't mind all the people talking bad about 5G. Yes, we do have millions who suffer negative consequences from exposure to this. But they are usually people who are old anyway. They lived a good life. Besides we need to keep our population under control unless we want to destroy the planet again.

I hope you are ready for the new normal. My grandfather said those who protested this in any way were outcast, and some removed. Serves them right. How dare they. Soon you won't be able to do anything unless you take your mandatory medication and keep connected to the grid. It's such a safe space to live now. Anyway, I have to go now, my 30 minute free time is over, I hope I don't get my chip disconnected for sending you this message.

I love science, I love 5g.

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