• Justin O

A Post-Coronavirus World

Are we really seeing the big picture. It's easy to say in hindsight that the lockdown measures were an overreaction. And I want to make it clear that the severity of this situation is still, indeed, severe. Even with adjustments to the original projections, COVID-19 is looking to be 3 to 5x worse than influenza. But are we taking all this a little too far? We do believe so. Hindsight is 20/20 but it really appears quite evident that we were taken advantage of. We saw how our freedoms and civil liberties were trampled on post 9/11, and I see that happening right now. Globalist elites and political authorities have used a legitimate public health crisis to propel their agendas. And this is unacceptable. But what is incredible is that in this time of chaos and uncertainty, the people have begun to wake up. Slowly, the masses are coming to the realization that not everything they know or are told is real. Welcome to the new normal.

I watched Contagion on Netflix the other night. Wow, it's eerily similar to real life. Yes, the virus is much more deadly in the film. But you see the steps taken by the authorities and how the people reacted. And for the first month of this lockdown, people were behaving like they do in the movie. Acting out of fear, panic buying, social unrest. But today, the mood has changed. Now, protests are beginning to happen. People are questioning authority. Governments are calling out the WHO. And people are realizing their power. We decide what goes, not fucking Bill Gates. Call it conspiracy all you want, but globalist elites have been gamifying the world for a long time. And for whatever reason, their "control" has dwindled. The information age is upon us. And what was once thought of by many as a wave of right wing nationalism is now turning into an apolitical era of protectionism and isolationism. This will be a good thing as long as we make it good. We overreacted to the threat of this virus. But it wasn't our fault. We have been fooled into thinking that the authorities and mainstream media have been telling us the truth. And it is only now that we have woken up.

We are in a crucial turning point in our history. The Coronavirus has officially ushered in a new era. One of self sufficiency, community, and information. Let's call this the information age. Globalists might have wanted to usher in a technocratic dystopian society, but that isn't happening. The Trumps of the world have won. Now it is up to us to use this new time to progress. We cannot let this lead into global conflict. We are still the most connected we have ever been afterall. But being more self-sufficient, building more community and national cooperation. This is a good thing. We were so concerned about globalizing everything that we forgot about ourselves. And I for one am happy that we are learning our lessons. Sure, the "woke" might be scared. But at the end of the day, progression always wins.

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