• Justin O

All I Wanna Say Is That They Don't Really Care About Us

There's stages to the awakening. I think a lot of people are discovering things right now that they never thought was possible. I hold true to the philosophy of "we don't know shit." I truly believe we will never really understand anything because we are always learning more. What is true today won't necessarily be true tomorrow. This is why I question things like vaccines, why I am critical of the mainstream narrative, and why I don't trust mainstream medical news about COVID-19. Bill Gates might be a sketch ball, the Rockefeller's are pretty much colonialist pigs, and Elon Musk is probably trying to make us all into robots. And yeah, the virus likely came from a lab. And there was a coverup. And there is a pedophile ring in Hollywood. But what really matters here is that once again the only people getting shat on and left to rot is the people. You and I never had a say in any of this and unless we take this opportunity to enact change, we never will.

283 billion. That's the combined amount of money Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, and Jeff Bezos have made during the Coronavirus crisis. What happened to us? Well for starters, many of us lost our jobs, many of us aren't getting those back. Most of us felt immediate fear and looked to our governments and health authorities to give us reliable information, that didn't happen. And all of us were left feeling like our world would never be the same again. And it won't, it can't. Our world was pure shit. Why do we live in a world where we need to worry about going to a shitty job in order to pay for shelter and food? Why do we live in a world where legitimate medical interventions are poorly made in order to gain the most profit? Why is everything politicized? Why were we left feeling used? Because we are. Should we get back to work. FUCK YES! But should we just do so because we have no other choice because we need to slave ourselves out to survive? And should we feel comfortable to return to work after being told for weeks that this virus is deadly, and novel, and unpredictable. I consider myself lucky to have access to the most up to date medical information on COVID-19 through my job..But others turn to their governments and the news for this info. They aren't getting shit from them. Because they don't care about you. They care about profits.

Whether you identify as left,right,libertarian, Rastafarian, it doesn't matter. This isn't a political fucking issue. It's a basic human rights issue. It's a medical issue. And it's a freedom issue. For too long we have lived as slaves. It's time to reject our "overlords’’ (for the conspiracy theorists out there) and take what's ours. The globalists can't do shit unless we let them, the pharmaceutical cartel can't do shit to us unless we let them, big AG can't do shit unless we let them. We have the power, and we always will. Let’s fucking go.

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