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Are Fruits and Vegetables Unhealthy?

I think it's time to revisit this question. I'm almost one year into the carnivore diet. I've experimented with it, and I've learned quite a bit. I think at first I was more adamant on the potential negative health benefits of plants. Today, my opinions have changed, but only slightly. In short, no I don't think fruits and vegetables are unhealthy. Most are either slightly beneficial or benign. But does this mean you should be filling your plate with plants? Probably not. I think we went through life thinking that plants are the health food. What if the exact opposite is true. Fruits and vegetables lack essential nutrients that our bodies need to thrive. Animal foods are nutrient dense. It's time to rethink this. Are fruits and vegetables unhealthy? Not exactly. But they can be. People look at plants as being completely oblivious creatures. They aren't. They don't want to be eaten. Their goal, like us, is to survive. The issue is unlike an animal, plants are rooted in the ground. They can't flee from a predator. Therefore it needs to use other methods to defend themselves against animals trying to eat them. Plants create pesticides and antinutrients which do all sorts of things among the worse being the binding of vitamins and minerals so we can't absorb them, and the penetration of our gut lining. Is it that crazy to think plants don't want us eating them? Not really. Our ancestors were forced to eat plants during periods where animal foods weren't available. So we have developed the ability to digest plants. Most of us anyway. But for many of us, plants are inflammatory. The opposite of a health food. On the contrary, animal foods are filled with bio available nutrition. And some animal foods are so nutrient dense that you almost fee stronger after eating them. The truth is, we don't need plants, we need animals. I don't think eating poor quality meat and nothing else is a good idea, but if you are getting high quality, nutrient dense animal foods, plants are not only unnecessary but potentially harmful. It's just something to consider. Go for nutrient density above anything else

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