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Carnivore Diet 101

Now that the carnivore diet has hit the mainstream, everyone and their mother wants in on the all meat diet. Joe Rogan did it, saw tremendous results, and is now staying on the diet. I suspect in the coming months, the carnivore diet will reach peak trendiness. And you would think this is a good thing. Although eating only meat is better than a Standard American diet, it still leads to nutrient deficiency over the long haul. Muscle meat alone simply doesn't have all the nutrition you need. If you truly want to start a carnivore diet, you need to do it right. Below are the three principles you should follow in order to get the most out of a whole foods, animal based diet. #1 Eat Nose to Tail If we are talking about being evolutionarily consistent , then eating nose to tail is the way to go. Our ancestors didn't leave any part of the animal to waste. In fact, organs like liver and brain, and marrow from the bones were considered the most prized part of the animal. The reason for this is simple; nutrient density. We cannot get all the vitamins and minerals we need from eating only muscle meat. Eating organs is like taking a multivitamin. Eating marrow, making bone broth, eating the tendons and cartilage, this is what our ancestors did. We have somehow lost our way in terms of how we consume animal foods. In order to get the most nutrition, we need to eat nose to tail. #2 Get Your High Quality Animal Fats I have experimented with the amount of fat you should consume on a carnivore diet. I used to think that a 2/1 fat to protein ratio was ideal. I have since changed my stance on this. Although high quality animal fats are important, consuming too much might lead to weight gain and gut issues. So where do I think the sweet spot is? Around 1:1. The best way to get your animal fats is from whole food sources. This is why it is recommended to eat fatty cuts of meat. But I also get fat from egg yolks, raw cheeses, fat trimmings, marrow, diet, etc. Just remember that adding in fats is not ideal. Liquid and rendered fats can cause serious digestive issues in those with gut issues. You don't need to worry about ketosis with the carnivore diet. Just stick to whole food animal fats. #3 Treat muscle meat as mere calories. Of course a steak is packed with nutrition but this isn't where the bulk of your nutrition is going to come from. If you are eating nose to tail, your nutritional needs should be covered. So the rest is just about eating to satiety. I'd say an average of 2lbs of muscle meat a day for men and 1 ½ for women is ideal. That should keep you full. Alright there you have it. You are set to start the carnivore diet. You can email me at healthandswell@gmail.com for any questions and check out my YouTube video on the subject here:https://youtu.be/wuHEMZ30Rqs Stay chill swellfam 🤙

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