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Don't put me in a Box Bro

Good morning, This past weekend in Ottawa was spent with family. My cousin's birthday is on June 30,and every year she gets a big party. This year it was her fifth birthday. The party has become a family tradition. Even as I travel I will find a way to Ottawa for Canada Day weekend. My cousin lives in San Diego and only gets to come up twice a year. Luckily for me though, I'm going to San Diego in August and September for three weeks. I'm excited. Especially after seeing her yesterday and how much she has grown. Sure a pure gem. So other than spending time with family, I had another unfortunate encounter with someone who assumed I was drunk. My coordination isn't the greatest and I guess it can look like I'm drunk. It doesn't help that I have facial paralysis. But being accused of being drunk when I have had no alcohol in 8 months ie really annoying. I've grown to accept my difficulties and must people aren't quick to judge. But let's get into what happened. I was walking into a grocery store when I heard a security guard tell me to stop. He said I couldn't go in. I already knew what he was going to say but pretended I was ignorant. "Why", I asked. He said I was stumbling and I couldn't go in intoxicated. This is at 10am by the way. I then proceeded to tell him my story, and when he realized he made a poor judgement call , he became jittery and extremely apologetic. I decided to report the incident to a manager who honestly treated me like I was intellectually disabled. This is my life. I want everyone to know I'm not angry about this. I just feel there's a lesson we can learn. Don't judge a book by its cover. We see people everyday and often we notice their different behaviours. And I feel we make snap judgements about them. Now, this doesn't make us bad people. It's just how we are programmed. We are lead to live in boxes of normalcy and anyone who strays even a little outside this box is looked at with negativity. So here's your mission. Try not to make these judgements. I know for me, I'd much rather be asked about my crooked smile, wide eye, and funky walking then being put in a box. Don't put people in boxes, and more importantly, don't put yourself in a box. You can stray away from conventions. I'm living proof. I have ordered a medical alert bracelet to avoid anymore of these situations. Figured I'd be the better person here. Today, I spend more time with my cousin for Canada Day. At least she doesn't judge me. Uncle Justin always makes her laugh. Stay healthy,stay fit, stay lit, Ocho

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