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Don't Think We Don't See You Trump

It's been a crazy little bit hasn't it? When this started, I predicted that it would take until May before we started hearing about the potential reopening of the economy. And that looks to be true. If you follow the timeline, we (in Québec) were about 50 days behind Wuhan. And as long as we followed the script (I'll get to that), we would see things start to calm down a bit 50 days after they did in China. I'm sure a lot of you have heard about event 201 by now. If not, I'll give you a briefing. Before the Coronavirus outbreak, the World Economic Forum ran an Epidemic simulation. The simulation eerily predicted the world response that has transpired in these past few months. This, among other things, has lead to the "plandemic" conspiracies, and the hate towards Bill Gates. I'll state clearly that NO, this was not planned out by Gates. He may be a globalist, he may have an agenda, but if you take two minutes to think logically about this, it becomes evident that he nor the globalists planned anything. But that is what most people are focussing on today. The fringe at least. There most definitely are globalists who most definitely have an agenda. They definitely have held great power throughout the industrial age. But while they hold the attention of many, there's more going on right now that threatens our freedom. I bet you thought this was going to be an anti-globalist post. Guess again. Have you not been paying attention to the Trumps of the world?

Since Donald Trump got elected, there has been a wave of right wing nationalism and isolationism that has swept through the world. And now that the Coronavirus has hit, it's gaining even more strength. Why? Well now that we fear for our health and fear social interaction, it suddenly makes sense to strengthen the borders and limit immigration. It suddenly makes sense to limit trade. Although some good can and will come out of this( food security and self-efficiency is a good thing) there is much that can go wrong. And we can't forget that these nationalists wanted to implement these isolationist policies before we heard anything about a Coronavirus. What do you think Trump really wants? Do you really think he gives a fuck about the people? This guy has openly been pushing for authoritarian rule. And now he has some leverage to get closer to that. In Québec, the CAQ government ran on promises to make Québec more self-autonomous. And it's becoming clear now that their proactive measures to combat the virus were more political than anything. Again, talks of isolationism are not happening because of the pandemic. That was always the plan. Don't forget that these are the same people who pushed bill 21. If we let fear control us, the Trumps and Legaults of the world will push their agenda until they get what they want.

I think it's important to keep your eyes open and your ears perked during this time. There's a hell of a lot going on. It is very easy to get distracted by horrible , sensationalist news coverage, conspiracy theories about 5g, and it's even easier to keep your focus on one issue (like globalist, capitalist agendas) while forgetting about others. My thoughts; isolationism is not sustainable. And if you have been paying attention, the language and actions being taken around the world are painting a picture that we have seen before. It's our duty to not let this turn into a huge global power struggle. History tells us where that leads to.

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