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Eat Carbs to Shred Body Fat?

The #keto craze is real. And for someone like me who went strict keto for months, the diet's jump into the main stream has been an experience let me tell you. But keto is just the beginning. The current trend amongst us health nerds is #longevity. And the truth is, constantly being in ketosis is just a silly thing to think about. Imagine it this way. When our ancestors couldn't find meat, and only had plants to chow down on, do you think they refused to eat them in fear of being kicked out off ketosis? Fuck no. Plants are essential for our health and fibers (that's right there are more than one) are imperative for your #guthealth. You know your boy loves his gut bugs, and they love carbs. So if you want to up your health and fat loss game, you need to start eating shit your gut bugs love. You need to start eating resistant starches. Resistant starches are badass. They totally contradict everything you think you know about carb consumption. Eating a ton of carbs will constantly spike your insulin. Which will lead to Insulin resistance. Which can lead to fat storage. None of that shit is good. Keto works because it manages insulin. But guess what? So do resistant starches. Resistant starches are sugars your body can't break down. So what happens is your gut bugs eat these and them convert them into Short Chain Fatty Acids. And these beauties literally help you burn fat better. Neato. So, what foods contain this fuel for your gut bugs? Well, Ill give you a list of some of my faves. They are tasty af: - Parsnips - Rutabagas - Sweet Potatoes - Green Bananas (in smoothies) - Millet - Jerusalem Artichokes - Taro Root - Jicama (go check this out) Alright swell fam, this post is just another dietary guideline you need to follow. You know that healthy fats are key, But now you know that certain carbs are also essential. Resistant starches are legit going to make your gut bugs love you And that's all you want in life. Good nutrition starts with how you treat your gut bugs. Here's to all the carb lovers out there. Stay Healthy, Stay Fit, Stay Lit, Ocho

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