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Fuck off With the Fake Meat 

This was meant to come out last night. My apologies. It might be best if I do these in the morning. That's what we will do moving forward. This is not a travel blog today, I want to rant about things. But I will say Ottawa is pretty and has a charming small town feel. I am already enjoying it very much. But today we need to talk about these fake ass meatless burgers. They are not good and they need to go. Came across this study yesterday. I am not even remotely surprised by the results. https://www.gmoscience.org/rat-feeding-studies-suggest-the-impossible-burger-may-not-be-safe-to-eat/ But vegans will insist this is healthy for you. No. Fuck off. This is processed junk. It's time to wake up. Processed food, whether we want to believe it or not is killing us. It isn't normal to get cancer, auto-immunity, depression. Our ancestors never had to deal with this. I get it, they taste good. But look me in the eye and tell me these faux foods taste better than a steak, or even roasted cauliflower. We have replaced real food with fake food. We trick ourselves into thinking we eat this food because it tastes better. But that's bullshit. It's out of pure laziness. The fake meat companies are not selling you a bill of health. We aren't getting sick because of the red meat in a McDonald's hamburger. It's all the seed oils, sugar, and countless chemicals. And the fake burgers are no better. If anything they are worse. Stop pretending that your poor habits are healthy. Vegans like to think that they have it all figured out. Meanwhile their diet is predicated around saving the lives of cute animals. Science has debunked every other claim they have. But don't worry, meat was the problem, the plant based alternatives will fix everything. Sure Jan. Without animal foods, we perish. I think people think that as a carnivore I must believe that plants need to be eliminated from our diet. That's silly. I eat the way I eat because I'd rather not be in the bathroom for an hour after eating nightshades. I'd rather not get depression after eating kale. And I'd rather not trigger my messed up immune system if I eat a sweet potato. If I was normal I'd add plants on the plate. I love fruits and veggies. My body does not. But if you have decided to completely remove animal foods from your diet, please reconsider. To finish, if you have been paying attention to the stock market, Beyond Meat had been crushing it. I'm no stock expert but I know one thing, bet against them. It was a reactionary response to their going public. Similar thing happened with Krispy Kreme. It plummeted, hard. With more info coming out proving the harmful effects, I see beyond meat doing the same thing. Act accordingly. If you want to figure out your health and nutrition but don't know where to start dint hesitate to email healthandswell@gmail.com firbs free consultation and remember, it's okay to eat these shitty foods in moderation. But maybe cook a steak or stir fry some veggies more often. It tastes way better if you really stop to think about it. Stay healthy,stay fit,stay lit, OCHO

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