• Justin O

Fuck Your New Year's Resolutions

It's January 3rd. 2020 isn't going anywhere. Today you realized that 1990 and 2050 are the same amount of time away. And that freaked you out a bit at first. But then you realized, who fucking cares? None of it matters. It's just a number. The Universe doesn't understand time like we do. It's all make believe. This year I said fuck off to New Year's resolutions. Yes, I want to be better, but it's not just because I need to get a new calendar. That's just something I strive for, as should you. So as always I will keep it real; fuck your resolutions. You can do better than empty promises. Resolutions are full of shit. Wow, it's a new year I better be a better person. Yeah, sure Jan. It's bullshit and you know it. Ever notice how our resolutions are often big, seemingly unachievable goals? They are almost doomed to fail. And I think that's done on purpose. Subconsciously, we want our resolutions to fail. We want to believe that a new year will bring a new me, but it never does. New Year's resolutions are just temporary bandaids to fix our shattered confidence and ego. When we join that gym for a month, or cut out the processed sugar, you feel like you accomplished something. And you feel, even for a moment, like you matter, and that you finally have it all figured out. But then reality hits, things stop being easy, and you revert back to your old self, your old ways. But hey, that's okay. There's always next year right? Wrong. There's no such thing as the future, the past doesn't exist. There's just now. Stop pretending like you are trying to change. Actually put it into action. Will Smith said in an interview with Charlie Rose that his parents taught him an important lesson as a kid. They told him that he shouldn't focus on building the biggest wall, he should focus on laying the best brick. And then repeat that process. And eventually, he will have a wall. Stop trying to do too much all at once. Work on it everyday. Humans evolved as creatures trying to survive. We thrive on constant challenge. We crave the struggle. So today, throw out your list of 2020 resolutions. Just focus on laying that brick.. Here's to taking it a day at a time. #newyear #motivation #mindset

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