• Justin O

Get That Vitamin D

I'm currently on my front lawn (well my sister's) soaking up the sun. Are you getting enough sun? My guess is probably not. Today, we fear the sun. The media spreads nonsense about how dangerous it is, how it caus a cancer. Although true, the sun is powerful, let me assure you it is not causing cancer. At least not alone. Our ancestors spent 10 hours a day in the sun. They never got skin cancer. The reason is simple. They weren't being exposed to all the toxins we are exposed to today. The shitty food, pollution, EMFs, the list goes on. I find it funny seeing people smother themselves with sunscreen. A recent finding suggests that chemicals in sunscreen along with the powerful rays of the sun cause cancer.Yikes. Since going carnivore I have not worn sunscreen. I have never been this tan. I used to burn. And I used to put tons of sunscreen on. This isn't to say you shouldn't be careful. Tan for a few hours a day only. The sun is powerful. But we also need it to get vitamin d, a very important vitamin. Here's a recent video from the OG carnivore Frank Tufano about the importance of vitamin d, https://youtu.be/oWf71J0T3TM So Swell fam, get outside. Don't fear the sun. And go crush life. Stay healthy,stay fit, stay lit, Ocho

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