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Get The Fuck Out Of Bed

This one isn't sugar coated. The majority of people are failing in life because they have no sense of responsibility or purpose. Their alarm clock goes off and they slam that snooze button. They do this for a few reasons. There is the responsibility thing for sure. Your bed is void of any judgement, it's warm af, and there is this sense of security one feels when snuggled up under their blanket. I am not going to lie to you, hitting that snooze button feels great. But it is definitely a short lived gratification. Because once you do decide to get out of bed, and your feet hit the cold floor, your day has begun. And all the same shit you dreaded having to get up for is still there. But now, having succumbed to weakness, you realize you have less time to accomplish these things. Your gratification slowly turns into stress. The reality is, in life, you can't hit the fucking snooze button. I wake up at 5:30 every morning. When I started, don't get me wrong, it sucked. Actually, it was brutal. I hated myself the first few days. But on the third day, this sense of accomplishment filled my body. I found myself motivated to get shit done. And I did. Now, I can't imagine waking up later. And I'd feel like a little bitch if I hit the snooze button. There is a popular book on the shelves right now by Robin Sharma called "The 5am Club". I haven't read it yet. But Sharma's thesis centres around the idea that the most badass, successful people are early risers. And it makes sense. There is something to be said about waking up before everyone else in order to get ahead. Like as I sit here writing this blog post, I have already made my bed, worked out, written in my gratitude journal and am ready to kick the fuck out of this day. I'm already getting to work. And trust me, it feels incredible. Kobe Bryant got up early and got to the gym to practice at 5 a.m. Arianna Huffington, Naveen Jain, Tom Bilyeu, Bill Gates, and a slew of other successful folks share this commonality. They wake up and get to work. And because of that they are ahead of the game. And that is why they are such high achievers. I used to think that these rich ass people were lucky. Or just smarter than everyone else. I used to think that they were special, as if some divine force allowed them to beat the rest of us in the game of life. But that isn't true. They just work harder. They don't waste time. They get out of bed. The point of this isn't to get up at 5:30 am. I get that your schedule might not allow you to do so. But I do want you to stop hitting that snooze button. That is a weak ass way to start your day. Instead, get your day going instantly. Wake the fuck up, start getting shit done. I know this is going to be hard. Our brains stop us from doing anything that takes us out of our comfort zone. So here is a trick for you. When you wake up, and your alarm is blaring, count to three and get out of bed. This will stop your brain from convincing you to do otherwise. I do this every morning. It works. I trust you will take this advice to heart. You have a shit ton of potential fam. And by simply starting your day off strongly, you will begin to see incredible changes in your life. And if you are reading this in bed, having already hit the snooze button, use this as motivation to get your shit together and get the fuck up. Be the legend you were meant to be. I hope you have a swell day! Stay Healthy,Stay Fit, Stay Lit, Ocho #inspo #morningroutine #healthyhabits #motivation #the5amclub

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