• Justin O

Go Play In The Dirt

Almost 3 months in and it's fantastic seeing the abundance of people rejecting the narrative. And it's great to see that most are doing so with great precautions being undertaken. It's clear our system and governments have failed us. The sheer refusal to admit they were wrong, it's hilarious to watch these people squirm. But let's take a step away from the politics , and talk about the microbes. These things we hate so. It's absolutely ridiculous how much hate we have for the microbial world. We are at war with ourselves if you really think about it. We are mostly made of viruses , bacteria, pathogens, and microbes. Yet we have spent the last century trying so hard to destroy them. How has that worked out?

We are unhealthy af today. I wan't to preface this by saying medications and vaccines are wonderful in many situations. Was good polio. But are we over sanitizing, are we destroying the good bugs? Fuck yes we are. Our immune system needs viruses to become stronger. Our skin, gut, our entire fucking being relies on bacteria. Yet we try so hard to keep clean and void of them. Bruh do me a favour, go search microbiome on Google. Now let me know what you found. Great, please explain how sterilizing ourselves is at all healthy? We literally are killing ourselves by destroying bacteria. But the pharmaceutical cartel, the technocrats, the trans-humanists, and even many doctors, peddle the idea that all bacteria are bad. When in reality, our relationship is symbiotic. We need each other.

I get labelled anti-vaxx, science denier, it's comical. The science doesn't support this response to bacteria and viruses. The money does. My advice to all of you is to go outside. Get some sun. Go sit in the grass, swim in the ocean, give your immune system some exposure. Strengthen it the fuck up. Waiting around for a vaccine that might never provide a cure (do we have a cure for the flu?) Is so much less effective than strengthening your health. Of course, a vaccine will be great for this. But what happens when the next thing hits and you are still unhealthy af? Think about it. Stop hating on microbes, you are just hating on yourself.

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