• Justin O

Herd Immunity is The Move

As much as it's scary to think about it, it's time we go face this virus. In hindsight, it's looking like social distancing has done more harm than good. Suicide rates are up, domestic, child, and sexual abuse are up, our neighbours to the south are facing legitimate food shortages. And the elderly are being left alone, without anyone to look after them. If we want to continue hiding in our houses, we will make this worse. It's time to get outside friends. We need to face this head on.

I think a gradual reopening of the economy is the right move. But in order for us to limit the spread of COVID-19, we need to get back to living a somewhat normal life. We can shelter our old and most vulnerable. But we, the healthy folks, are due to get exposure to this virus. The more people who develop antibodies, the less quickly this can spread. You may have heard that there's no evidence that someone can be immune from the disease after recovering. That's unlikely. But even more, if you believe that, then no vaccine will ever work. We don't know when or even if we will ever get a vaccine. And the longer we hide in our homes, the longer this goes on and the.bigger the second wave will be.

We locked down to avoid hospital overwhelm. Mission accomplished. Now we have to learn to live with the virus. It's not going away. And it calls the shots. No matter what we do, Coronsvirus is apart of our lives now.

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