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How a "Bernie Bro" Turns into a Trump Supporter

If you were to tell me in 2016 that by 2020 I would be a supporter of Donald Trump I wouldn't have believed you. Trust me, this is surprising. For months I have been trying to find a way not to support him. And frankly, I wish it didn't have to be him. But right now, there's a war going on. And it's not left vs. right, it's not Democrats vs Republicans. There's a war for our consciousness. Although we cannot fully stand by Qanon and say Donald Trump is our saviour, we can say that Donald Trump is the spark that could lead to us changing the world. And it's pretty fucking insane to think about this. But in a world filled with chaos , maybe an anti establishment narcissist is what we need.

To make it clear , I am not a trump supporter due to his persona. I totally understand the hate there. And I also don't support Trump as a representation of the Republican party. The two party system is a joke. And lastly, I don't support Trump because I think he is going to save the world. But I do support what Trump represents. Strip away the persona, strip away the assumption that Trump only wants to uphold Republican Party values and promote conservative policies, and you are left with the potential for a geopolitical shakeup that will dramatically affect our lives, and for the better. The world has been operating under a liberal world order (see Tragedy and Hope by Carroll Quigley for reference) that situates the United States as the centralized power that controls the world essentially. This is done so that centralized banks can hold power over all international finances. The whole deep state, Illuminati thing, although not as fantastical as the conspiracy theorists want you to believe, is real. Bankers have run the world for a very long time. And most wars, revolutions, and crises are fabricated in order to continue making profit and holding power over us. The trade deals, the treaties, the proxy wars, the colour revolutions etc., all serve the sole purpose of making money for these bankers.

Now, Trump is definitely looking out for his best interests. But in doing so, he is attempting to destroy the liberal world order and end western hegemony. Rather than the United States being the central word power that enables corporations and banking elites the ability to seize control of the entire international financial system. Those who own all the assets, those that control the money, control the world. So no, it's not a bunch of men in cloaks plotting world domination. It's old rich dudes with misinformation and arrogance trying to control the finances. And right now, just like in 2008, they are fucking up. They don't know why but they know that they are and they are preparing a financial reset because of this.

Anyway I digress. Although Trump seemingly is part of this elite club, throughout the last 6 months of digging through the info, it has become abundantly clear that Trump does not like these people. Putin neither. And once western hegemony dies, so does the centralized corporate control of the world. If countries start focussing on themselves first rather than the interests of the banking elites behind the scene, the people of those countries would benefit tremendously.

I understand that Trump isn't the perfect president. But I do think he represents a rejection of the western hegemony. I will try to talk about this idea more in upcoming blogs or podcasts. But if you really want to know how a "Bernie Bro" turns into a Trump supporter think of it like this. I refuse to continue living in a system that serves the top. I’m tired of wars. I'm tired of trade deals, I'm tired of a pharmaceutical industry that cares about profits over our health. I'm fucking tired of my local community getting destroyed by corporate interests. And I know what you are thinking, Trump represents all of that. Fine, he is a billionaire and yes, he was a benefactor of the system. But maybe, just maybe, we finally have someone from the top looking out for us. Maybe the man who got everything from the USA is just trying to give back to his country. It's possible. And it's about fucking time. I refuse to believe that we are going to continue being fucked over. And even though Trump isn't going to be our saviour, he might just be that spark we need to save ourselves.

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