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How The O.C. Killed Postmodernism Part 5

We have arrived at the culmination of season 1. There's a big reason why Ryan and Seth both leave Newport at the end of the season. We have spoken about the roles both Ryan and Seth play in the show. When Ryan leaves , Seth no longerhas a place in a the world of Orange county. Ryan, towards the end of the season, is pushed away from his new life. He is ultimately forced to return to his hometown. We have behaved the same. Post 9/11 was an interesting, but weird time for us. Ryan leaving is why Seth must leave. Without Ryan, there is no us. There is no vehicle to push into a new era. Seth can't change without us. Postmoderni remains stagnant without our understanding that things are different. And for awhile, that is exactly how we felt. Post 9/11, shit got real. I remember feeling like nothing was ever going to be the same. All of a sudden, our vulnerabilities became very real. But it was a collective vulnerability. For millenials this was the first serious global event we witnessed. All of a sudden, we were forced to accept that the world was real, we were real. 9/11 hit close to home. And it forever changed how we behaved. It wasn't cool to be cynical anymore. I've mentioned this already, bit it's important to understand. In the O.C. Ryan helped Seth accept change. Throughout the first season, Ryan leads Seth. Before Ryan, Seth wasn't cool. With Ryan, he is. But is that really what is happening? We talked about Seth realizing that he has become "mainstream". Seth doesn't actually change, he just realized that he isn't the obscure character he thought he was. And with this realization, we do see Seth change. He changes his perspective. He begins to accept the world. And this is entirely possible due to Ryan. Seth is along for the journey just as we are. There are forces throughout the season stopping Ryan from staying in Newport. But it's only at the end of the season that we see these forces succeed. Some context is needed. An old girlfriend comes to Newport after Ryan and Marissa brekup(fuck I forgot about Oliver, I'll talk about that next, maybe?). After Theressa finds out she is pregnant Ryan decides to move back home with her. This alone is a new realist moment. The severity of real life hits Ryan right in the face. Seth can't stay in the O.C.because without Ryan, he doesn't belong. In order for postmodernism to die, it needs us to accept it. I may skip over the Oliver saga and head into season 2 next time. The second season was ahead of its time. That's probably why the fans didn't like it as much. Anyway , I'll save this for the next part. Tootles! #postmodernism #popculture

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