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How The O.C.  Killed Postmodernism Pt.2 

Updated: Jan 9, 2020

Alright, we left off in season 1. Marissa almost dies in Tijuana. Let's talk a little more about this. Remember how I said it almost felt like she should have died? Do any of you feel this way too? Think how everything starts to change after her TJ experience. The whole world of the O.C. turns around. The truth is Marissa is never supposed to live. Even as a kid, I saw this sequence of events as foreshadowing. And when she does die in Season 3, there's so many parallels. Ryan carrying Marissa becomes a really intriguing symbol. It's sist as if we are the protectors, we are the ones keeping postmodernism alive. As explained, we are Ryan, Seth is postmodernism. Marissa is neither. She's just a catalyst. She's the change you. And as long as she is around, so is postmodernism. But let's not get too ahead of ourselves. We still haven't talked about another important character. Summer Roberts,Seth's love interest. What does she represent ? Summer only becomes a regular on the show after the Tijuana fiasco. Before that she is almost a secondary character. Seth is in love with her, in fact he's obsessed with her. And there's a reason. Summer Roberts represents the New Modernism. And as the series progresses, this becomes clearer. She isn't fully there yet in season 1, but after Tijuana, her role and importance grows. Seth is obsessed with her because he knows she's the one person to change him. By being with Summer, he is leaving postmodernism behind. I hope you are following, I'm free writing this so if my ideas are all over the place , I apologize. But back to Summer, she becomes more relevant after Marissa's near death experience. The severity of it all brings everything out in the open. There's almost no need for the sardonicism, no need for a cynical view. Life is real. There is no escaping. Might as well be sincere. And isn't that the point of new modernism? Summer becomes more important than Marissa. It seems like her and Seth's relationship is the focus after Tijuana. Sure, there are other story lines, but Seth and Summer steal the show. Seth does try to resist. When a girl, Anna, who shares many of the same postmodern traits as Seth moves to town, he ends up choosing her over Summer. Even though we know he wants Summer, he chooses Anna at first. Why? Because he still isn't quite ready to ditch his old ways for what's new. And as viewers, we still aren't ready to leave postmodernism behind. When Seth finally gets together with Summer, he has this to say: "The reason why me and Anna broke up in the first place is because for me, it's always been you, I tried to deny it but you are undeniable" First, nice line Seth. But second, the fact that he resists is a fear of moving forward. Postmodernism isn't quite ready to transition. But Summer makes him try. And when Anna leaves for Pittsburgh later on in the season, Seth makes a comment about how he probably was meant to be with her. And in a way he's right. Postmodernism didn't want to dissapear, but it did. That's all for today! Am I making sense here? I know it's a lot. I hope the YouTube videos help in understanding. Alright , gotta jet, see you next week. Here's to the Pier. #popculture #postmodernism #television

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