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I Eat Mostly Raw Meat

When I tell people that I eat raw meat, they freak out. They insist I'm going to get e.coli or salmonella. Well let me assure you, raw meat is not only safe but really good for you. Our ancestors consumed cooked, raw, and fermented meat. That said, some precautions need to be taken. If you are going to eat raw animal foods, quality is of the upmost importance. To be clear, I only consume red meat raw. Although people like Aajonus Vonderplanitz proved even chicken is safe to eat raw, I don't risk it. Same goes with pork. But the main reason I don't eat raw chicken or pork is because it doesn't taste that good. I prefer the taste of cit cooked. But when it comes to beef, it's a different story. I do cook my steak a little, I like it rare. But tartare is the tastiest thing. Also, raw liver is far superior to cooked liver. Trust me. But Justin, why raw, is there any health benefits? Yes, tons. When you cook food, you destroy digestive enzymes that are in raw meat. These enzymes are super beneficial to your gut. When I eat raw, my digestion is in my opinion perfect. Moreover, cooked meat and other animal foods are stripped of some nutrients. This is especially true of egg yolks. My advice, if you want your full nutrition from your eggs, eat the yolks raw. Cook the whites though. Raw fat over rendered. Bone marrow too. It is amusing to see so many people in the carnivore community transition to raw. A lot of us eat both, but thats more a taste thing. So go ahead, eat some raw animal foods. But never eat meat raw from a grocery store or sketchy source. You can get sick from cross contamination. So be smart. Thats all I got today, been working hard here in Ottawa. Catch you tomorrow. Stay Healthy, Stay Fit, Stay Lit, Ocho

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