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If You Suffer from Chrohn's Disease, Read This

I remember it vividly. I was 10 years old, and while skating on an outdoor rink like a good canadian boy, I noticed intense stomach pains emerging. As the months went on, and my symptoms got worse, I knew that there had to be something wrong with my gut. Sure enough, after many tests, it became clear. I had Chrohn's Disease, a chronic inflammation problem in my large and small intestines. The doctors told me there was no cure. For the next few years I experimented with many medications and treatments before settling on Remicade, an imuno suppressant. Although the medication worked, it never sat well with me that I needed to fuck with my immune system in order to live a normal life. Well folks, I know now there is another way. I have been off my meds for 8 months, and I feel better than ever. You just need to eat, or more appropriately, not eat certain foods. Chrohn's disease is an inflammatory auto-immune disorder. Your immune system is in essence tricked into attacking your intestines. Doctors, bless their souls, assumed it was incurable. Because unfortunately, we still live in a world run by big pharma. It never crosses many doctor's minds to turn to nutrition for a cure. After reading a shit ton about nutrition, the immune system, and what seems to cause auto-immune disorders, plant chemicals called lectins seem to be a huge problem. Lectins are proteins found in certain plants that are there to protect a plant from being consumed. Who would have thought a plant might not want to be eaten? The problem with lectins is that many people (especially those who suffer from AI disorders) are extremely sensitive to them. Lectins penetrate the gut wall (leaky gut syndrome) and enter your bloodstream where they trick your immune system into attacking you. Gluten, just btw, is a lectin. So if you avoid foods that contain a bunch of lectins, you can legit cure Chrohn's. Below are a list of foods that contain a shit ton of lectins:

- Beans - Night Shades (zucchini, tomato, eggplant,potato, cucumber etc. ) - Peanuts -Lentils - Chia Seeds - Grains - Goji Berries - Cashews - Conventional Dairy - Factory Meat - Trans fat and Veggie Oils - Refined Carbs Eliminating these foods has allowed me to live void of my Chrohn's disease. No medication required. It is concerning that medical professionals turn to pharmaceuticals over nutrition. There is simply no money to be made I guess. If you want to learn more about lectins and auto-immune disorders, read Steven Gundry's The Plant Paradox. He's even got cool methods to eliminate lectins in the above list of foods. I remember saying about 5 years ago that my biggest prediction for the future was that medical advancements would lead to a health revolution that would greatly increase our life expectancy. I was partly right. There will be a health revolution. In fact, it's startng to take foot now. But it has nothing to do with medicine. What we eat is proving to be the best cure we need. I am glad to be apart of this. And I can't wait to see how scientific research moves forward in proving the power of food. To cure disease, to make us look good, and to allow us to live long, thriving, and prosperous lives. Stay Healthy, Stay Fit, Stay Lit, Ocho #healthandwellness #lifestyleblog #chrohnsdisease

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