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Is Eatimg Meat Bad For The Environment?

When I tell people about my diet the first thing people say is usually something along the lines of "but eating meat is bad for the environment". It's sad to think this is considered a "fact". The climate change conversation is a tricky one. But one thing is for sure, eating meat does not hurt the environment. It's ludicrous to even think this. Millions of buffalo used to roam the Great Plains. Why would cow farts all of a sudden be a problem? Ever think there's another culprit? Say big Pharma, big Agra, and big corporations. The goal is always to make money. Keeping us eating processed plant foods all in the name of saving the environment is the goal. Meanwhile, it's corporations who are causing the most damage. Don't fall for the hysteria. I'm here to tell you that eating a steak is not only not going to destroy the environment , but depending where you get your meat from, it might help save it. I get it, I saw Cowspiracy too. I believed it at first. But let's start with all the data presented in the film. This data was compiled by the FAO and has since been altered. You can easily go look this up. And more, some of the data used in the film is misleading. As an example, the film states that cows use a shit ton of water. But the majority of the water consumed by cows is rain water. The film fails to mention this. We already know that a plant based diet is lacking in nutrition, but it may be worse for the environment too. Almond milk uses substantially more water than regular milk. Agriculture accounts for 9% of global greenhouse gas emissions with animal agriculture accounting for only 4%. And do you really think eating an avocado from across the world is the environmentally friendly food choice? Don't be a dumbass. I want you to do more research on this. There is so much misinformation out there. With farms like White Oak Pastures, Belcampo and Ferme D'Orée practicing regenerative agriculture, there is hope for a greener future. Maybe it was never the cows fault. Think about that and always keep an open mind Check out regenerative agriculture farms and the Savory Institute for more: https://www.whiteoakpastures.com/ https://belcampo.com/ http://www.fermedoree.com/welcome.php?lang=english https://www.savory.global/

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