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Is The Carnivore Diet Becoming The Newest Fad Diet?

If you have been paying attention, the carnivore diet is blowing up. And it's about to hit mainstream status just like Keto did a year or two ago. What once started as a fringe diet that many thought was completely insane is quickly turning into the hottest thing. The reason? Mainly it's because of the great marketability of two medical doctors, Shawn Baker and Paul Saladino. Both suggest eating meat is the healthiest diet but they offer different versions of how to construct the diet. Shawn is the simpleton, suggesting that eating steak and drinking water is a great way to reclaim your health. And he may be onto something. Tons of people are curing a myriad of illnesses eating this way. Mikhaila and Jordan Peterson immediately come to mind. Then you have Paul Saladino, a pretty cool dude promoting a nose to tail style of eating. He suggests eating the entire animal, including the organs and weird bits. It's a style of eating that is backed by science and it is how I choose to eat. It's been a lifesaver for me. These two contrasting styles are both helping people. But the two also lend themselves to the emerging fad that is the carnivore diet. When both of these men release their books, there will be no turning back. Every overweight person and their mother will jump on the bandwagon. And they will eat up all the supplements and products that will try to take advantage of the trend. That's just the way she goes. As someone whose sole interest is in making the world healthy, I want to offer a fair warning. Don't fall for this shit. There's a reason why two sides of the same coin are emerging. It allows for market competition, creates division among the community and will allow for industry to profit because of it. But as a member of the swell fam, you are better than this. The point of the carnivore diet is to make people healthy. And like any eating style, you should focus on whole foods. I feel people want that quick and easy solution. That's why supplements are profitable. People want to have their cake and eat it too. I get it, cake is delicious. But if you truly care about your health, you can't be reliant on snake oil salesmen "solutions". They are designed to keep you hooked, and keep you unhealthy so that you continue to buy their products. So as I said swell fam, be better than that. Eat your animal foods, and if you really want to "cheat" do it. Don't buy the carnivore candy bars, the magic unicorn supplements. Eat meat, get strong. It's that simple. Here's to not taking the easy way out. Stay healthy, stay fit, stay lit, Ocho #carnivorediet #keto #vegan

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