• Justin O

It's Time To Start A Garden

Its scary to talk about this. But it must be done. We are going to experience global food shortages. And it's totally a planned event. Why? When corporate interests are in the agriculture industry, shit gets done. It's not a coincidence that billionaires like Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates are heavily invested in plant based fake meat companies. Do you think it's a coincidence that these guys are in with seed conglomerates like Monsanto? Or that they are investing millions into AI powered technologies, robotic bees. Let me tell you it's not. They have always wanted to destroy modern agriculture.

100 years ago Lord Birkenhead wrote an article in Cosmopolitan magazine describing the future. It's eerily accurate. He proclaimed that the future would allow the city to no longer be a parasite on the rural outskirts. We would grow meat in a lab, and we would become self sustaining. Modern agriculture would be no more. I mean, it's surely just a coincidence, right? I am sure that these rations on meat, and eggs, are temporary. That's right, big grocery stores like Kroger and Costco are putting limits on the amount of meat you can buy. Sucks for those large families who rely on buying in bulk to feed themselves. It's not a big deal that Wendy's have stopped selling beef. It's not a big deal that they are closing down packaging plants after packaging plants, to protect the workers who have all been asymptomatic. It's not like there is a history of manufactured shortages. Wake the fuck up. It's time to take this seriously. For years those who give a fuck about sustainability have been preaching for food security. We can fight back. Start a garden this summer. Grow your own food, more than you can. And give your seeds to neighbours. Create a community. A lot of us might be alright during these shortages. But we aren't all so privileged. If you want to be a leader during this crisis, take action before it's too late..

I can't stress this enough. For too long we have been playing into the hands of the corporate elites. If we don't fight back now, we will destroy modern agriculture. Millions of animals are being euthanized as you read this. Crops are being destroyed, and we continue to walk around as if the only issue we are dealing with is getting sick from the virus. There is so much more than just that at stake. If anyone wants to get involved in this movement, stand up now. This food war will be won but only if we fight together!

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