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It's Time to Stop Making Excuses

If you keep telling yourself that you can't do something. You won't. It's as simple as that. Today, we are quick to make excuses. Anything that keeps us from taking responsibility, we jump on. Because it is easy. It is easy to place blame on something else. We hate responsibility because it gives us control. And despite our insistence that we love being in control, we definitely don't. Everyone loves being told what to do. We like to believe we want freedom. It is bullshit. We want guidance. We need to believe that something or someone has the answer. But the truth is that there is no answer. Life sucks. It is filled with struggle. It is unfair. But it can still be fucking incredible. But it requires you to put in the work. It requires you to stop making excuses.

I will be the first to admit. I was the king of excuses. The duke of procrastination . It was always some outside factor stopping me. Did poor in a class ? Teacher was a moron. Overweight? Genes are bad. You get the point. I think this is the case for a large majority of us. It's hard to put full blame for everything you do on yourself. Because we are a totally wrong most of the time. We fail constantly. But as we have mentioned before, failure is the best thing. It leads to success. Michael Jordan once said he missed over 9000 shots and because he was so comfortable with failure, he succeeded. The secret is two fold: take responsibility for everything, and work your ass off. If you hold yourself accountable, you are less likely to fuck up. Seriously though,if you treat everything like it's your fault, wouldn't you want to make sure it goes well? You definitely would. And as a result you would work harder. The excuses would disappear. But we don't want to work hard. We want the easy road. We want life to pass by. Though if you are reading this, you are ready to take charge of your life. Everything is your fault, and you won’t place blame on others for what you do. Not anymore.

Excuses are just making you unhappy. It seems scary, but jumping full force into a goal is incredibly satisfying. We need to embrace the fear in our life. Or better yet, we need to tackle it. The meaning of life, at least in my opinion, is struggling through something that you are more than okay struggling through. One of my wisest friends first told me that. But also, life is about accountability. If everyone just took responsibility for their lives, shit would be better. We would b better. Here’s to no more excuses. Ocho #cutthecrap #mindset #noexcuses

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