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Keto Vs. Vegan: Which Diet is Healthier

There seems to be a war raging between vegans and low carb/keto folks. I suppose it makes sense. The keto community are fine with animal fat while the vegans obviously aren't. And vegans, at least the ones I know , eat tons of grains. So when a super popular diet contradicts your way of eating, of course you are going to fight back. There is a deeper meaning here though. In general, we hate being wrong. Even though we are more often wrong than right, the thought of doing something that isn't necessarily “right” is a hard pill to swallow. Hence the vegan vs. keto war. But having done the research, having tested out different eating styles, it is in my belief that both vegans and keto peeps have the right idea. Maybe it's time they stop fighting and realize that they can learn from each other. The reality is we should be eating a diet rich in plants. We just also need to eat a shit ton of the good fats. It is really that simple.

My diet is centred around my gut bacteria. I try to eat in a way that keeps them happy and thus my body healthy. Bad bacteria feeds on animal saturated fat. As do cancer cells. So vegans are onto something. It is definitely best to limit your animal protein to roughly 20-60 grams a day. It actually is a common theme of the blue zones (longest living societies). They consume little animal protein. So, 1 point to the vegans. But our bodies are also in need of healthy fats. And we can only get Omega 3 and 6s from food. So where does that leave us,? Well, let's think of our ancestors. They needed to find their food. And yes of course, when it was possible to kill a large animal, they did. So I think a little bit of grass fed or pastured meat is great. But our ancestors didn't always kill that animal. So logically , the majority of their nutrition came from plants, nuts, seeds, etc. And more so, being in a state of constant ketosis makes zero sense. If all our ancestors could find to eat was sweet potatoes, they ate them. So again, where does this leaves us?. It leaves us with a marriage of the two approaches.

Going keto or going vegan isn't the answer. But taking a best of both worlds approach is the key. We need to eat as close to a primal diet as possible. And we need to make our gut buddies happy. So below are the 4 keys to a health and swell diet plan:

-The majority of your food consumed calorie wise should come from healthy fats (olive oil, coconut oil, avocados etc. ), seeds and nuts.

-The majority of your food consumed volume wise should come from a wide array of plants and fruit.

-You should limit your animal protein to 20-60g a day and aim to eat grass fed or pastured meat.

-Being in ketosis 24/7 is not ideal.

So there we go, the first glimpse into our diet plan. Stay tuned for a more comprehensive plan in the near future (including how to get the most out of your cheat meals). But the takeaway from this post is that no one diet is correct. But most do have positives we can take away from. And when it comes to the vegan and keto lifestyle, there is much to like here. If only the two camps could get along. If only we weren't so concerned about being right rather than doing what is right.

Here's to keeping an open mind. Stay Healthy, Stay Fit, Stay Lit, Ocho #keto #vegan #healthyeating

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