• Justin O

Let's Talk About The Law of Attraction

You walk outside your house. The sunbeams hit your face. An old woman strolls past you in an electric scooter. This is the life you live. And by you, I mean us. For the majority, what constitutes reality is very similar. We go through life as if it is pre-determined. As if our actions hold little or no weight. Sure, we believe we can control our destiny. But in the back of our mind, we are lead to believe that other factors dictate who we are, and what we can accomplish. We think that the world's most successful people fell into their success. Or that they simply are superior. We at healthandswellness.net do not prescribe to this idea. Life cannot be worth living if it isn't lived through our own lens. What if instead of going through the days following a script, we wrote the story. What if every single action we take will lead us to what we want in life. This is all possible. Enter the Law of Attraction. The universe functions as we want it to. What happens to us is a direct result of what we throw out to the world. If you are always negative, always shifting blame onto others, your life will reflect that. It will be impossible to get what you want. But, if you look at the world as if it is your own video game. Where each press of the button progresses you further, creates the game. Then you best fucking believe you will attract what you want. The Law of Attraction states that you can manifest what you want in life through the power of your mind. Now before you think this is some hoopla, consider this truth. Everything in this world, before it was put into practice , before it was created, was manifested in our mind. The creation process begins in our minds. So the secret lies in orienteering your mind towards achieving your goals and attracting what we want. This is why things like meditation are so powerful. Being connected to our minds can yield great success. I want you to envision your life as you want it to be. And rather than letting things happen by chance, start creating that life. Reverse engineer. Believing it will hppen makes it into a reality. Remember this is your game. You dictate the rules. You create your reality. Today, we have lost our sense of direction. Our minds are constantly re-orienteering themselves. And this is why it can appear that what happens in your life is by chance. But we can change that. Tomorrow when you wake up, I want you to visualize what you will accomplish. And through the aid of your actions, do it. Each day, make your goals a little bit larger. Then, centre them around your purpose. And as you train your mind, you will see that you indeed are a powerful creator. We live one life, so why waste it by leaving things up to chance. Fuck that. It's time to take control. Here's to attracting what we want. Stay Healthy, Stay Fit, Stay Lit, Ocho #lawofattraction #purpose #mindset

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