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Lockdown Processed Food

Disclaimer, this is an opinion. Double disclaimer, this isn't a short term solution to combat the COVID. But considering our leaders seem to care more about their bank accounts then our health, let me offer you an alternative method to combatting infectious diseases. We can stop buying and consuming processed food. At least at the rate we do today. It is of my opinion that putting taxes on processed food, eliminating the use of processed vegetable oils, and maybe going full in on a public health campaign to end obesity will have the most important impact on our ability to combat COVID and any future pandemics. We hear about the comorbidities, and we just chalk it up as meaningless. But when people are left fearing for their lives but still gobble down McDonald's everyday, that's when you know something isn't right. Our metabolic health directly affects our ability to fight off diseases and infections.

We understand the social distancing measures, the masks too. What we don't understand is the refusal of our leaders and health experts to address the biggest reason why we are suffering from COVID; we are unhealthy as fuco. According to a UNC study, 88% of Americans have some form of metabolic dysfunction. (https://www.unc.edu/posts/2018/11/28/only-12-percent-of-american-adults-are-metabolically-healthy-carolina-study-finds/).

This is staggering. Now many of that 88 percent are minor offenders. But still, the stories about "healthy, young people" getting really sick from COVID can be explained by this. Many physicians don't regularly check people's metabolic markers. You can look skinny, you can even be super fit, and you still might be pre-diabetic. You still might be insulin resistant. That's not going to help you with COVID or any illness.

So why the refusal to address our metabolic health? Shockingly, the answer lies in where the money is. Big Pharma is very influential. They are strong lobbyists. And they don't care about keeping us healthy. They care about profits. You really think Trump getting Covid and then immediately touting the "magic" drugs he was given is a coincidence? Nah fam. Guaranteed there are financial reasons. And this has been the situation for a long time. The longer we refuse to take responsibility for our own health, as long as we continue to ingest copious amounts of poisonous foods , we will continue to get sick.

Don't live your life under the mercy of Big Pharma. Throw out the Lays, ease up on the oreos, and stop using vegetable oils to cook your food. The longer we continue to treat our bodies like shit, the more sick we will get. It is time we remembered what it means to be a human being and return to nourishing ourselves with whole foods. There's no special diet. And there's no guarantee that you won't get COVID. But getting your health in check is a sure fire way to give yourself the best chance of crushing illness. We have been great at adapting to the post-corona world. If we can drastically change our habits in order to protect our health then we should be open to drastically changing our eating habits. And who knows, maybe if we get on this now, by the time the next disease hits, we might be that much more prepared to beat the shit out of it

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