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Lockdowns Didn't Really Accomplish Anything

Now over 2 months into the crisis, we have a ton of real world data to consult. We no longer need to use computer models to decide how to proceed. And the good news is that the COVID isn't as scary as the early projections suggested. Professor Neil Ferguson was wrong again. This isn't to say the virus isn't serious. It's still going to be more deadly than a seasonal flu. But it is looking like to be in the same magnitude as influenza. When looking at those who have been affected from COVID, the data shows that its victims are those who were already sick. Going deeper, insulin resistance and metabolic disease are the two biggest culprits. It's time to face facts, the real pandemic is metabolic disease and when this is all said and done, countries' fatality rates are going to correlate very strongly with the health of individual countries. Lockdown measures were important to avoid overrun of hospitals. But in terms of saving lives in the long run, unfortunately there is zero evidence to suggest that it accomplished anything. The ensuing economic collapse is going to cause more harm. The lack of other hospital services are going to cause more harm. I'll jump into the fire, lockdowns really haven’t done shit.

In January, the WHO stated there was no evidence of human to human transmission. Now, we must respect a 6m rule. We are encouraged to wear masks, and gloves. We are being told to avoid going outside unless completely necessary. Here's a fact for you all; we need to expose ourselves to viruses and the outside environment. Our immune system needs that. When you wear a mask, when you shut yourself out from the world, you are weakening your immune system. And when this second wave hits, I'll bet those who took all of these measures too seriously are the ones who will be more at risk than others. Let's look at some examples, why are Scandinavian countries or Germany looking like they are doing better with this? Because they are healthier. I would bet their diets are cleaner. They aren't subjected to the garbage processed food we are subjected to here. And sure Sweden, who didn't lockdown, has seen a high death rate per population. But when you look at their situation, much like Québec, their deaths are mostly coming from Old Age homes. It's unfortunate to say, but old people are more likely to die from anything. If it wasn't COVID, something else would get them. People die, that's just how she goes. Lockdown measures are not stopping the spread of COVID-19, they are just prolonging the pandemic. And I bet as this crisis continues, we may see more countries and even organizations like The WHO and the CDC backtrack on their original guidelines. We need to focus on the real issue. We need to focus on getting people healthy.

COVID isn't a superbug. We are just super unhealthy. Eating processed foods, never exercising, smoking and drinking too much, over exposure to EMFs, and a lack of exposure to the sun. These have caught up with us. We need to take this virus seriously, protect those most vulnerable. But we need to take this as a wakeup call. We have become so unhealthy that most anything is more likely to kill us. Time to get stronger my friends.

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