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Maybe we Don't Know Shit 

Good morning swell fam, I apologize for not keeping up with the blog. But a ton has changed since the last time we spoke. I'm still a nutrition nut, but my ideas have changed. If you followed my nutrition advice and it is working for you, great. Don't change things. But I need to be honest here. My diet plan is not one I'd recommend. As I sit here sipping on my Tim Hortons coffee I must confess, I didn't know shit about nutrition. I was fooled. I feel like we will never know shit as science is forever progressing. That said, I've gotten better at deciphering data and as it turns out, the right diet to follow is almost completely opposite to the one I was suggesting. For the last 5 months I have been following a strict nose to tail carnivore diet. I have never felt better. I used to laugh at the carnivore diet. It seemed highly unrealistic, likely unhealthy, and un- supported by research. Well, it turns out, none of this is true. When it comes to animal foods, we are not only getting delicious caloric energy,but all our vitamins and nutrients in their most bioavailable forms. Vegetables have these nutrients too,but they also contain anti-nutrients that inhibit absorption and also can be very damaging to people. We have spoken about lectins here before but that is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to anti-nutrients. Oxalates, glucosinolates, phytates, the list goes on. Now for most of us, we can eat vegetables without any issues. Humans did evolve eating plants to survive when animals weren't available. But for others, myself included, these anti-nutrients are a huge issue. Let me explain with my story. Despite initially feeling amazing following my plant based, minimal animal protein, keto-esque,lectin free diet, I soon began noticing some issues. The first issues arose with my sinuses. I kept getting histamine reactions when I ate. I couldn't seem to figure out what was causing these. I surely thought that it couldn't be my diet; it was healthy af. But then things started getting weirder. I woke up one morning and felt dead inside. I was suffering through minor depression. I found myself not wanting to get out of bed, feeling completely lethargic, and unwilling to even socialize with people. This was weird for me as I am an extreme extrovert. Then things started getting weirder. I started getting allergic reactions to what seemed like all foods. I was constantly bloated, my eyes were always irritated, and I got a weird rash under my armpit that had a cheesy odour. It was starting to concern me. My biggest fear was that my Crohn's disease which had been in remission for close to 7 years would be triggered. I couldn't let this happen. I did some research and realized that my symptoms were likely related to a histamine intolerance, Small Intestinal Bacteria Overgrowth, and Candida. I needed to figure things out. What isn't often talked about in medicine is that auto immunity issues are often numerous. I didn't just have Crohn's, I had autoimmune issues. Luckily,my obsession with research lead me on a path that would forever change my life. Two episodes of the Ben Greenfield Podcast completely opened my eyes to what was likely causing the issue. The first podcast spoke about intuitive eating. The guest of the episide spoke about how animals when observed in the wild would eat a bit of one plant, walk miles, then eat the same species of plant again until it had enough. The animal intuitively knew what to eat and how much of it. The argument is that when given a variety of whole foods to choose from, humans can intuitively choose the foods that the body needs. After this, I listened to my intuition and immediately went in the fridge and ate the rest of my meat. It wasn't an obscene amount but more than I was normally consuming. I remember feeling immediately energized. But carried on the rest of the day eating my normal diet. The next morning for the first time in months I was energized and eager to get out of bed. I listened to another episode of the Ben Greenfield Podcast. This episode had Dr. Paul Saladino as the guest, a doctor who had been following the carnivore diet for 8 months. He explained with legit science and anthropological data that the ideal human diet is based around animal foods. He emphasized the importance of eating the entire animal. The connective tissues, the bones, the organs. All of it. I had already been consuming organs and knew how nutritious they were. This guy was making sense to me. At the same time as I was struggling with my health, many popular vegans on YouTube were coming out explaining how they added animal foods back into their diet. Their reason? SIBO, Candida, depression, the exact same symptoms I was experiencing. With all this information I decided it was time to experiment. Maybe my diet plan was making me feel this way. I immediately began transitioning to a strict nose to tail carnivore diet (eating the entire animal). Fast forward 5 months, my life has completely changed. I'm thriving like I never thought could be possible. I've eliminated almost all plant foods (I love coffee, despite the fact it isn't the healthiest for me). Within days, my depression was gone. After a week,my rash began disappearing and soon after my SIBO followed. And what's even crazier, I began noticing a crazy uptick in mental clarity and my libido. At this point , I don't see myself turning back. I'll for sure eat fruits and veggies here and there. I still plan on eating an entire cheesecake to myself on my birthday. But my perception on things has completely changed. I wake up every morning, flabbergasted at the fact that I'm thriving eating only animals foods. It makes me wonder, what else we are wrong about. My new philosophy; we don't know shit. And that's more than okay. Anyway, that's all for today. So much more exciting things to tell you. It's been a journey and I'm happy to share. But until tomorrow, remember to keep an open mind. And as always. Stay Healthy, Stay Fit, Stay Lit, Ocho

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