• Justin O

Nobody Gives a Shit About You

Okay, your friends and family might. Your significant other hopefully does too. But that's not the point here. It has been a month since I took the jump into the world of online or social media business. And frankly, its been fucking incredible. The opportunity is huge. Think about it. We live in a world where you can do whatever you want and make a living out of it. All you need to do is document your life. But there is a problem that arises here. Everybody can do this. So if you want your shit to pop, you better make it fucking interesting. But in 2019, what is interesting is authenticity. It is cool to be genuine. It is really awesome if you just be your 100% true self, all the time. Late great David Foster Wallace once spoke about a time where we would cut out all the bullshit. Where sincerity would trump sarcasm Where the cool kids would be the kind and honest ones. I think we are there now. With social media connecting us in ways once thought impossible, a state of hyper reality has emerged. You can't fake it till you make it anymore. The whole world is watching. Instagram is saturated with wannabes. There are thousands of life coaches, even more entrepreneurs. And the majority of them are fronting. They don't do half the shit they pretend to. They might get some short term admiration for this. But the people they are tricking, they are losers. The winners aren't buying this shit. And they honestly don't care about you. They are too busy doing their thing. Being as authentic as possible. And we love them for it. But even off social media, we are way too pre-occupied with what others think. And we scare ourselves out of doing what we want. Of course, consider others. That's just being a good fucking person. But if you refuse to take that trip, start your own business, or even speak up for what you believe in, because you worry what Martha or Larry might think of you, we have a problem. You have a problem. So I need you to listen to me carefully. This is important. The next time you start worrying about what other people think of you, I need you to imagine your boy screaming NO! And do what you want to do. That's all I care about. I truly feel like the world could be a much happier place if we stopped letting other's opinions dictate our actions. And if you are in the social media game, stop chasing followers, subscriptions, love. Nobody cares homie. Instead, speak your truth. And give us shit to follow. In today's world, more is better. I want to see what the fuck drives you. And I could give two shits about how many followers you have. I just want you. 2019 is the start of The New Sincerity. A world void of sarcasm and filled with authenticity. Transparency rules the day. And I am so here for it. I truly hope that this lights a fire under you. And I hope this makes you stoked to do whatever you want in life. Let's stop chasing other's admiration. They don't give a shit about you. But that's okay, they aren't the ones who need to. You do. Here's to a new beginning. Stay Healthy, Stay Fit, Stay Lit, Ocho #mindset #authenticity #socialmedia

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