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On carbs 

I feel very passionately about human health and nutrition and there is a ton of information out there that is incorrect. Nutrition science is complicated enough and so much of the info available out there is full of shit. Especially in the health and fitness scene information that is held with high regard is often inaccurate. Today, I want to talk about carbohydrates. There is a ton that needs to be sorted out on this subject. Let's get to it. First, carbohydrates are not magically making you fat. You can lose weight eating carbs. Despite it being more complicated then talked about at the end of the day being in a calorie deficit is what will lead to weight loss. Despite what keto and carnivore zealots might say, carbs are not the only thing making you fat. That said though, carbohydrates, unlike fat and protein, are inessential. Humans do not need to eat carbohydrates and for a lot of us, eating carbohydrates is a bad idea. A lot of people will say that we need carbohydrates to fuel our cells and brain. And they are right, glucose is needed as fuel. But we don't need to get that fuel from our food. The body will always create glucose via a process called gluconeogenesis. This process allows for fat and protein to be converted into glucose. The reason why so many people lose weight when cutting carbs is because they are removing excess glucose. You see, it's the combination of fats and carbs that lead to a slew of health problems. Our body can only use one fuel source at a time. We can run on high carb and low fat or high fat and low carb. We cannot use both. This is very detrimental to our metabolic system. When you eat high fat and high carb, you are ultimately storing that fat. Your body won't use it for fuel, it will use the glucose. Glucose is toxic to the body unless used right away. It's not the preferred fuel source, ketones are optimal in every way. It's just the fuel used first. If our brain could run on ketones only it would. So carbs are not bad on their own, but we probably eat way too much, and out body just simply doesn't need it. If you are healthy and eat carbs, please don't switch up your diet. But if you are unhealthy and struggling to lose weight and are trying to find excuses to continue eating carbs, just know that the common advice out there is outdated. The science is clear. We do not need to eat carbs. It's a choice to do so. And it's okay to eat them if you want to. Just because you do something, it doesn't mean you need to. You can want something without needing it. Here's to a healthy lunch. #nutrition #carbs #keto

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