• Justin O

On Changing Your Mind 

Are we so arrogant that we are unwilling to change our opinions when new information is presented to us? It's not our faults, we are taught that being indecisive or flaky with our opinions is weak. And in some situations, yes it can be. But when we are given information, and this information changes our perspective, we would be fools not to consider alternate opinions. So often we let our ego get in the way. When an opportunity presents itself we need to act on it. When television and film came into prominence, radio stars were quick to dismiss it as "low art". Many refused to participate in the new medium. Their preconceived ideas got in the way of them acting(pun intended) on the current opportunity. Many a radio star lost out on the rise of film and television. And it was only because they refused to change their opinions. They refused to adapt. This is just one example. The same thing happened to companies who didn't take advantage of the early internet and the same thing is happening now to those not taking advantage of social media. Currently, we have a huge opportunity with Tik Tok. Are you going to let your ego get in the way? Forget everything you know, every day. Or atleast keep an open mind. Are there opportunities you feel people are sleeping on? Let me know in the comments. We are in this together swell fam. Here's to an open mind. #perspective #mindset #adaptability.

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