• Justin O

On Charity 

Controversial opinion, giving money to charity is a stupid idea. Let me explain. I was having a conversation with my friend about this the other night. Have you looked into where the money you donate goes? So many of the big charitable organizations(think UNICEF, Red Cross etc.) are not the most ethical. It's scary to think that these groups can guilt people into donating money to help people in need and then use it to fund their vacations to the Hamptons. That's not to say they are all like this. But regardless, there are better ways to give to charity and it's not all about money. Did you know the CEO of the Red Cross pays herself an almost 700 000 a year salary? Or that less than 5 cents of every dollar donated to UNICEF goes to the actual cause. It's disgusting to say the least. And what's worse is that it's people who can't afford it that donate the most. It's a fucked up cycle. I worked for a third party company that asked people over the phone for donations. The script we had to follow showed the true purpose of many of these organizations. Profit and not charity is the goal. So how can we be charitable without funding these con organizations? By volunteering our time. There are so many great causes you can lend a helping hand to. And many are local charities that will help people in your area. Neat. Volunteering your time is the move. It's the best way to help people. Money can only go so far. So please, the next time you are considering donating the bucks, reconsider, volunteer your time instead. Or at the very least, do your research before donating. And one last thing. Don't feel guilty for not being able to give money to charity. You matter too and I truly believe that in order to help others we first have to help ourselves. Here's to the volunteer life #charity #volunteer #kindness

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