• Justin O

On Fasting 

As I sit here writing this, I haven't eaten for 12 hours. And I don't plan on eating a single bit of food until this afternoon. I usually only eat food for 4-6 hours a day. And some days I skip eating all together. Fasting has changed how I look at food. I eat when I'm hungry now, and that so happens to only be once or twice a day. But is it safe to not eat. Am I starving myself. Are there better ways to fast than others? Let me get into it. The truth is, we should all be fasting. But we need to define what fasting is and isn't. First, fasting isn't starvation. When I fast I am not hungry. I'm able to use fat as a fuel source (fat adaptation) so when I fast and deplete all my glucose, my body is able to sustain itself by burning fat. It's a very interesting phenomenon. Fasting is really just a way to train your body to burn fat. If you deplete yourself of glucose, your body will start creating ketones, alternative fuel derived from fat that sustains us until our own body fat can be converted into glucose for fuel via a process called gluconeogenesis. So in terms of fat burning, fasting is top notch. But it has other benefits. Your digestive system gets a much needed break from digesting food, your mental clarity improves (thank the ketones), And probably my favourite benefit, you get more shit done. It's amazing how much more productive you get when you aren't worrying about your next meal. And as for safety, it's not only safe but it's more in line with how humans evolved to eat. Our ancestors didn't have access to food as much as we do. We have always been intermittent fasting. Many people look at fasting as torture, but that is just because most people are incapable of using fat as a fuel source. But trust me when I say that when you get fat adapted and are able to go hours without eating and feel more than fine, you will never go back to eating 6+ times a day. Here's to good grub. #food #intermittentfasting #health

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