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On Film

Other than crushing steaks, one of my biggest passions is film. It's what I studied in school and for as long as I can remember I've been talking to people about movies. Easily my favourite art form. Today, however, there is much talk about the artistic merit of film. It appears l, at least on some levels, that gone are the days of great cinema instead replaced by big blockbusters that resemble more theme park attractions than art. But alas, there's hope for good film. At least in my eyes. The landscape of what is considered entertainment has changed. And I believe this will only help film regain its artistic glory. I think film will eventually become a niche product, much like visual art today. I don't see studios focussing, at least not entirely, on the blockbusters. The attention has shifted. We don't consume entertainment the same way. The television used to be the hub of escapism. Today that title belongs to another device , the smart phone. As such, the "movies" of today are YouTube videos, Tik Toks, or live streams. The movie stars of today are now YouTubers and influencers. Social media is the new Hollywood. Because of this shift, I see film finding a niche amongst the intellectuals, the film students, and the artsy folk. And that is great for film lovers. This means auteurs, true visionaries, and storytellers can flourish. Of course, this is just a theory. We may be seeing the decline of artistic cinema and the complete takeover by escapist blockbusters. But there still exists a devoted group of film snobs who appreciate the magic that is film. And I see us and artistic creators alike forming this niche. I'm here for it. Here's to the auteurs, film buffs, and cinema lovers. #cinema #film #socialmedia

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