• Justin O

On Happiness

Are you happy? A lot of us think we are. I know I did. When I went home with a different woman, partied until 7 am, drank that 12th beer, I was sure I was happy. I was having so much fun, how could I not be ? I realize now that all that reckless behaviour was just a cry for help from a little boy begging for attention. I was miserable, afraid, and ultimately very sad. Finding your happiness is difficult. Because we are never really taught what it is. Sure, we are told by others why they are happy. But that doesn't explain you. Nobody has the same definition of what it means to be "happy". But society tries to put us all into a box. Advertisements show pretty people using pretty products,buying fancy cars, drinking the best wine, you know the typical signs of luxury and prestige. We see the glamorous lifestyle and think this is how to be happy. So we slave away at jobs we hate. And some of us achieve this level of "success". We get the big house,fancy car, expensive clothes. But at night, when we are alone, we still have that feeling that not everything is alright. We still want more. And we can't understand why. The truth is, most of the people you see parading their expensive lifestyle around are only doing so out of insecurity. They feel so unsure and unhappy that they project this idea of happiness to impress others. But guess what, nobody cares. Do you think anyone really gives a shit about your Gucci necklace ? Trust me, they have way more important things to care about. So please, take it from someone who's been there. Who for so long tried everything he could to be the cool guy, to fit in, to only wake up every morning pissed off at himself and the world and not understand why. Being happy has zero to do with what others think of you. It needs to come from within. Since my second brain surgery, I've been on an incredible journey of self discovery. As I sit here writing this, a huge cup of coffee next to me with the sun not yet risen, I hope and pray that you too can find your happiness. Two months ago I sat in my parents basement, comfortable, thinking I had it figured out. But after really diving deep, and truly being honest with myself, I realized that I am happiest when I'm out there, on my own, exploring, meeting people, and yes, eating weird meats and expensive cheeses. So I decided fuck it, that's what I'm going to do. I packed a bag and set off. Two months later, I've never been so sure of myself. I wake up every morning with the biggest smile on my face. Now this is certainly not your happiness, but with your own soul searching I know you can figure it out. If this degenerate party animal did, I'm sure you can too. To finish this off I'll leave you with a quote from a horrible film that I'm sure a ton of my millennial readers will appreciate. It comes from the masterpiece "What a Girl Wants". Amanda Bynes at her best. Anyway, here it goes, "why are you trying so hard to fit in when you were born to stand out". Truly words to live by. It took me awhile to realize this but I hope you too can understand that just being you and being happy is all that really matters. You got this swell fam. Stay healthy,stay fit,stay lit, Ocho #happiness #inspo #motivation

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