• Justin O

On Marijuana 

Anyone who knows me knows I like marijuana. As someone with anxiety, crohn's, and ADHD, weed has been a positive influence on my life overall. That said, it can be used to your detriment. I can attest to this. Sometimes, you can use it as a crutch. Or as an excuse. It's totally a way to escape your responsibilities. And as much as you want to believe weed doesn't affect your productivity, it does. But that's more on the person consuming, not the weed itself. As a carnivore, you would expect me to have shunned the ganja awhile ago. But I truly feel there are benefits to the plant. Plants might not be food, but they certainly are medicine. I'll start by saying I do not believe smoking is the best way to consume marijuana. Ingesting smoke into your lungs can't be a good thing. I don't think vaping is much better. So if you can consume it in a food or oil, that's definitely the way to go. But should you be consuming weed at all? That really depends on you. If you are smoking weed to escape from a boring or unhappy life, you need to chill a bit. Trust me , I've been there. It can consume you. Because it's better than what you are doing. And that's going to kill your productivity. Not the weed itself really. It's what it represents. Like anything, you need to use it in a way that works best for your life. Don't use it to replace it. I use marijuana because it helps with my ADHD and has some neurological impacts. But I see it's downside. So my stance on marijuana as a self proclaimed health nut and carnivore is neutral. I use it and I am trying to use it in a way that only benefits me, but it's a challenge. If you have every part of your life in order and you have hit your peak happiness, marijuana can do wonders for you. But if it's just a replacement for your shitty life or a crutch you use, you might want to pass. Here's to getting high on life. #marijuana #stoner #thc #cbd

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