• Justin O

On Mirrors 

Ever stop and look at yourself in the mirror? Fix your hair, check yourself out? I'm guilty of doing this. Probably way too often. My mom always laughed at me for being vain. Maybe part of me is. But the real reason I always couldn't help but look in the mirror is because for me, looking in the mirror was the only way I could truly believe that this is real, that I'm real. And the funny thing is it wasn't even true. I'm not sure why I decided to write this. Been practicing this free writing thing and just going with it. But back to the mirror, ever realized that the reflection staring back at you isn't even the real you? Think about it. It's an inverted portrayal of you. And whether we want to believe it or not, this image of us is totally symbolic of how we go about living in this world. We are just reflections of ourselves. We are onlookers to what is actually real. The past 7 months have been the happiest of my life. A lot of it has to do with finding the carnivore diet. And yeah some of it is because I'm feeling healthier,sure. But a big part of it is a mindset change. If thousands of people can be healthy without any vegetables , maybe other once seemingly impossible things are actually possible? And I've been testing out this theory. Now, don't think you are invincible. No jumping off cliffs please. But test this out. Start trying things out that completely shatter conventions. Here are some things I have done that have worked out, no joke. Ask for discounts at restaurants or cafés, talk to security guards about letting you into restricted zones, ask a stranger for some of their food (okay ,this is context specific, don't be a weirdo and seek out people eating and ask for food, but you get the point). A ton of what we think is "impossible" is just a reflection of society's fear of sticking out and being different. But here's the secret, it's refreshing as fuck to step outside of this box. We don't want to be the reflection we see in the mirror. Because it is not who we are. So what do we do moving forward? We say fuck off to conventions. We stop pretending to be happy to appease the reflection we see in the mirror. We realize that we are the ones who create "reality" and that living a life that doesn't satisfy you is the definition of insanity. But look around. Who's actually being their true selves? It's a hard thing to do. Trust me I get it. But at least now, when I look in a mirror, I smile for a different reason. It's a reminder of who I used to be. And hey, it's always nice to see an old friend. Here's to having a fantastic hump day #swellfam #motivation #carnivorediet

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