• Justin O

On Pharmaceuticals 

Take a pill for it. It is baffling how we live in a world where we believe it's totally normal to take medications and supplements for good health. We can find everything we need in nature. And in our food. Pills are not normal. We just have lived through an era of pharmaceutical reliance. We have been tricked and in some cases forced into relying on pills. It's never been a health game, Big Pharma doesn't care about you. They care about money. Imagine this. My 65 year old father goes to see his doctor. It's a new doctor. When he asks my dad what medication he is taking, he is shocked to learn my dad is not on any. He is flabbergasted actually. Amazed. That's fucking insane. We have the solution, we need to eat the right food. Real food. We are sheep to capitalism. We literally eat up all their shit. Devouring junk food once in awhile is fine, but doing it on the regular? What do you think is going to happen? We do this to ourselves. A shift in mindset is needed. We are not putting enough emphasis on what we eat. We think we are ultimately doomed but are also relieved that we can rely on pharmaceuticals and supplements to keep us healthy. We hand over cash to them. But complain when ground beef isn't on special. Sounds warped af to me. You don't have to make it complicated. You don't need pills. You need food. It matters. How could it not. Think of the amount of it we consume in our lifetime. It's absurd to suggest that a pill is the solution to all our health problems. Wake up. Let food be thy medicine. Here's to some good grub. #nutrition #bigpharma #science

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