• Justin O

On Robots

Let's talk about robots. Or AI. Whatever you want to call it, it's a big part of the current reality we live in. We are still early into this, of course. And I feel millennials and zoomers won't get to see the climax of the ultimate human vs. robot war. But it's going to happen. And it's not going to happen suddenly. We are already in the start of it. When AI becomes conscious of its existence, it becomes conscious of its rights and freedoms. The battle between human and machine will start as a conversation about the rights of artificial intelligence. I suspect you will see a group of people who will take the side of the machines. They will preach that they have feelings, they deserve every right that we do. And this will create a conflict, and we will lose. But that's besides the point. What if we are supposed to lose. Might be some lesson we need to learn. Is it not possible that we need to be taken down a peg. Almost anyone who I have ever spoken to about this has expressed excitement at the prospect of a human vs. machine apocalyptic war. Isn't that strange? We know that we would lose, and we are happy about this. That speaks loudly to me. Deep down , we want to lose. Because we have been winning forever, and our lives still aren't what we want them to be. We are unhappy. So maybe we want to see humans fail. We have had enough. #ai #robots #sciencefiction

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