• Justin O

On Secret Societies. 

Do secret societies exist? I mean, almost certainly. There's probably thousands of them around the globe. And I'm sure some very important people are members of some of them. But the idea that we are controlled by these groups is absurd. And yes, I guess I could be wrong about this. But I refuse to live a life believing I have no control. People talk about secret societies because they don't want to come to grips with their own responsibility. Their own free will. People like to pretend we have no control so we can feel okay about making mistakes. We can pretend that it's not our fault. To be fair, there is data on secret societies. They definitely exist in some fashion. But are we really going to believe that a group of people secretly control the world like puppeteers? That's pretty silly don't you think? Admittingly, it does appear that way sometimes. But there's a simple explanation for that: money. The truth is these elites seem to be in control because they are the best at acquiring money. And with money, cones influence. They aren't secretly trying to dictate your life. They are trying to make money. And what people don't seem to understand is that we are needed the most. We make them money. And they will give us what we want. That's the secret society. It's capitalism. We need to stop blaming everything on anything but ourselves. As long as we have a scapegoat, we will have something to complain about. And that's just negative. Here's an idea, you are the Illuminati. You have complete control. Is that too wild to think about? Here's to taking ownership

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