• Justin O

On Social Media

Social media is the single most detrimental technological advancement, ever! Except that it isn't. We like to place blame on exogenous factors for our own problems. And this is no different. Does social media expose existing problems? Fuck yeah it does. But it is in no way the root of our issues. A theme of Swell Media is calling a spade a spade. We don't hide behind our flaws. We don't be anything but real. And we try our best to search for the truth, even if that endeavour proves to be fruitless. So let's call a spade a spade. We are the problem, not social media. Let me explain. The critiques of social media are valid but they should be directed towards us. It isn't social media's fault that we lack an ability to communicate with each other. What do you think people do on Facebook, instagram, Tik Tok, etc? We have never been more connected in our lives. We can contact anyone in the world at anytime. We are communicating more than ever, the game has just changed. And is it true people are envious of others? Fuck yes. And sure, it might be depressing seeing your friends living their best life on Instagram. But that's on you and your insecurities. Not Facebook. All social media does is remind us we have problems. And shocker, we can't handle that. So what is the root of these problems? It's unhappiness. Too many of us feel shitty about our lives because we are stuck. We envy others, we lack confidence, and we have zero gratitude. It's not the apps on our phones. It's us. Who would have thought. It's time we become accountable and quit blaming all our problems on other things. If it wasn't social media, it would be something else. Just remember that at the end of the day, it's all on you. Here's to accountability #socialmedia #accountability #mindset

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