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On Steak 

I am not going to bore you with too much science and studies. If you want a good resource for that check out meatrx.com. But take my word on this. Animals and not vegetables are the superfoods. And when it comes to the king of all animal foods, red meat is by far at the top. Throw those greens to the side, you're missing out on the real health food. Why do we think red meat is bad for us? Well the American , Canadian, and British dietetic associations were started by Seventh Day Adventists who admittingly have an agenda to promote a plant based diet. Moreso, big companies like Kelloggs, and vegetable oil producers spent millions of dollars on promoting fibre and plant based oils. And many prestigious universities employ nutrition scientists who are funded by plant based interest groups. Add that in with vegan propaganda films and you are left with a confused population. So let's set the record straight. Not only is meat not a cause of cancer and heart disease, but it's actually the healthiest food you can eat. Plants have never been the staple of any ancestral diet and the fact that today we suggest limiting animal foods is insane. All the vitamins and minerals found in meat are immediately absorbed by our bodies. Plants, however, cannot be easily digested and thus a plant based diet is extremely dangerous. We need to focus on annual nutrition if we want to thrive. There's really no way around it unless you want to consume a plethora of supplements. I understand that this is hard to understand. When you have been told one thing all your life it's difficult to accept that it was a lie. But when people continue to get healthier and healthier on an all animal foods diet, it really is time you start paying attention Here's to crushing a steak. #steak #nutrition #carnivorediet

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