• Justin O

On the Elderly 

Old people are not special. Yes, I do think it is valuable to listen to elderly people. Talk to them about their experiences, learn from them. Yet we are told that we must respect our elders. Ok boomer. Why the fuck do I need to respect someone based off their age? Age doesn't even exist really, we made it up. I show respect to people who show respect to others. I have no idea how this even started. The boomers hated their parents so much that they completely went their own way. They changed the system. They created new traditions. But yet, my whole life I was told to respect my elders. Whenever my grandparents said stupid, insensitive things, nobody said anything. "They are just old". That's ridiculous. It's the exact same thing as saying "boys will be boys". Fuck that. Bad behaviour is bad behaviour. There is no excuse, you act like a horrible person, there should be consequences. Just because someone is old, doesn't mean they are any better than you. We need to stop letting age dictate who we should respect. Old people are just that, old. Nothing else but their character is different than you or I. I don't care if they lived at a different time. Learn how to adapt to now. So, next time your parents tell you to respect your elders, tell them this. "If Hitler was still around, would I have to respect him due to his age"? That should shut them up. Here's to being blind to age. #okboomer #millenials #ageism

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