• Justin O

On the Kids Table 

Millenials never left the kids table. Do you remember growing up and at family gatherings being forced to sit with your other cousins at a kids table? I remember being really young, maybe 5 years old, and thinking about how when I was older I'd get to sit at the adult table. I remember seeing my older cousin, who was 16 at the time, talking with my elder relatives, being included in their discussions and thinking that one day that would be me. And as I grew older, the more I became eager to move up to the big boy table. Today, although I have visited the adult table, I don't feel welcomed. I feel like I don't belong. But in all reality, I don't even want to belong. The adult table is not chill. Not even in the slightest. Of course this is a metaphor for what life as a Millennial is like. We grew up with much optimism about the future and how one day we would grow up and get to do adult things like buy a house, get married, etc. But we see the Boomers and we see the life they have created for us and we don't want it. We can't live happily as "adults". So many of our opportunities are destroyed. Unlike my Gen X cousin who was welcomed into adulthood, us millennials were shunned. I brought this up to my parents and asked them why we never were allowed to sit with the "adults". They seemed offended at the thought that we were shunned. Instead, they proclaimed that we wanted to sit at the kids table. That we wanted to be seperate from them. And they are right. But not because we didn't want to grow up, we just didn't want to sit with our parents. We always wanted our own table. Millennials don't want to live in a Boomer world.They want their own table This is why "ok boomer" is so valid. This is how millenials feel. Imagine growing up thinking you will be taken seriously, hoping to be accepted into this world and instead, you feel not only discouraged, but shut down. It's a weird feeling. Millennials never left the kids table,and that's a shame. It's about time we did. Here's to changing the rules. #millenials #okboomer #perspective

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