• Justin O

On Travel

Last summer, when I told my great uncle I was planning on traveling for the next three years, he said I was out of my mind. "Why do you want to travel, you got everything you need here.'' I laughed and told him there's so much more to see out there. He shrugged. In my opinion, travel is the most important experience you can undertake. If you are thinking of starting a new adventure, you have come to the right place. Travelling around the world is not nearly as daunting as you think. The biggest obstacle for most people is money. Understandable. But traveling is not as expensive as you think. You can travel with discount airlines, use AirBnB or stay in hostels over fancy hotels, or even better use Couch Surfing and stay at someone's place free of charge. You don't need to travel in luxury to travel. It's really just a mindset thing. If you want to travel you need to do so with the mindset that you can. That you control your life. It's amazing what you can accomplish if you put your mind to it. Traveling isn't hard unless you think it is. I should do a guide on how to travel on a budget but I'm still learning this as I continue my own journey. But I'll leave you with this. If you are thinking of putting everything in a bag and hitting the road, don't be afraid, you can do this. Just got to believe and be willing to sleep on a few couches along the way. Here's to the explorers. #travel #backpacking #wanderlust

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